Warszawa speed dating

Mad Mike got a date out of it and well, it was just another night on the journey. “ Fast forward 13 years, February 2017 and I found myself in a Warsaw winter with lots of new friends and invites to events coming thick and fast, notably be being a member of certain Facebook groups and my online PR of this new project, Northern Irishman in Poland.

I had delved slightly with flirting and dating sites down the years, including Warwickshire dating, Humberside dating and Lothian dating, and having been in a 5 year relationship, it was hard again.

We will then seat one male per table starting from pm.

If you can’t make it then PLEASE let us know because it is unfair on the person that will have to sit without a date.

I never wrote about that Speed Dating adventure on this platform’s previous outlet, Don’t Stop Living, but I did cover the Lock In (fake Big Brother) on there. It was a fad and so as four single guys at the time, we jumped on board.

The biggest shock for me, was when I turned up to that event (in March 2004), my ex girlfriend was one of the girls.

I dated 13 girls in about an hour, for 4 minutes each.

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You get a group of girls and a group of guys together. Normally the girls are seated at tables with one spare seat.You will be seated and given a number tag and a form to make notes on.We ask the male participants to arrive between pm and pm.Say for example 15 girls at 15 tables with 15 spare seats.I definitely recommend it when you are young – try it now if you are single, don’t wait your whole life for some dates in your local region such as London dating to materialise!

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