Where can i do sex chats witj anonomas guys

A lot of people, like you, tend to freeze up in the moment.It seems like there are so many different possibilities, but nothing specific comes to mind.

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Like I said above, it’s great to be respectful of your partner’s desires, and interested in exploring things you may not have done on your own.

He’ll send me a text saying something like, ‘tell me something sexy.’ I just freeze up and can’t think of anything. Most people put a lot of pressure on themselves to be “good” at sexting.

But if it’s not something that comes natural to you, it’s hard to know how to even get started.

hope it’s not too hard on you to have to wait…” If he repeatedly asks you to sext at inconvenient times, you may have to give him firmer boundaries.

You can say something like, “my job is really demanding, so I just can’t sext during the day. ”It also sounds like your partner isn’t giving you a lot to go off of, by saying things like, “tell me something sexy.” Just about anyone would freeze up trying to think of something to say in response!

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