Who is adam senn dating now

[Brent] and I spent a good amount of time together working on the characters and their dynamic and hanging out and being friends in general.Regardless of any actor I'm playing opposite, if there is a love dynamic, you better believe there is a spark and there's emotion behind it."For those asking, unfortunately yes, Taylour Paige and Adam Senn will not be a part of #Hit The Floor for S4.Belts are off, shirts are off and we melted the Internet.Antonello explained, "Jude basically puts his foot down and fights for he wants, telling Zero, 'I can't be with you unless you come out as the gay man I fell in love with, not this star basketball player with a religious facade.'"With Jude and Zero ...

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Fans and the press sometimes refer to the duo with the portmanteau "Zude".And who would turn down the opportunity to have regular sex with Zero even if it was on the down low?And are they really going to fuck in a cloak room while the party goes on right outside? And Sloane gets kidnapped by a guy who was forcing her to write a suicide note so he could kill her, but she's NOT going to go to the police after escaping?I also respect the contributions of Taylour and Adam too much to see anyone else in the roles.Please know the following: Derek and Jude are in my protective care. I care too much about LGBT storylines for them not to continue to be a big part of the show. La Rosa told Entertainment Tonight, "We absolutely love Zero, we love Adam who plays Zero.

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