Who is ashanti douglas dating

Ashanti is a beautiful woman, with a very sexy figure and a well maintained posture.

She has got a normal height, and measures only 5 feet and 3 inches tall, but has pretty long legs that give the impression of her being slightly taller than she actually is.

On her graduation day from the school of marketing which was also happened to be their parents’ 35th wedding anniversary, Ashanti celebrated her sister big time.

He was a former singer so it would have been very lovely when he discovered he was going to have a singer as a daughter too.

Thomas was for quite a while Ashanti’s road manager.

She became Shequoiya’s manager and did a great job at it.

Kenashia Douglas (sister, born to Tina and Ken-Kaide Douglas) Date of Birth: April 2, 1989 Kenashia is younger sibling of the famous Ashanti. Shia as she is often called is also a singer but not so famous when compared to her super-celebrity sister.

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