Who is dating from big brother

With very few posts and pictures — aside from some adorable shots of Hayden and his family celebrating his mother’s birthday at various sites in Ireland — there’s no indication that Hayden is seeing anyone else these days.The only indication of romance on any of his accounts is with Nicole herself.Each week, the House Guests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries and power in the house.At the start of each week, the House Guests compete in the Head of Household (Ho H) competition.On September 24, 2014, CBS announced that it had renewed Big Brother for its seventeenth and eighteenth editions for broadcast in summer 20, respectively.The series would continue to be hosted by Julie Chen.

The upstairs is 155 square feet larger than in previous seasons, the result of the incorporation of a glass bridge added in by Big Brother house designer Scott Storey.

Big Brother fans, it turns out that Hayden Voss hasn’t actually gone far.

Even though Nicole might be in the Big Brother house this season, and certainly seems poised to have a fresh start in the world of dating with Corey, it wasn’t too long ago that she and Hayden were making public appearances together.

The winner of the Ho H competition will select two House Guests to be nominated for eviction.

As with the previous season, the first five weeks of the season feature two concurrent Heads of Household.

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