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Mencia is actually quite good as well, although he sometimes descends into shtick – but that may well be the fault of the writers more than him. He seems uncomfortable and confused here, not nearly to the standards of an Oscar nominee who is one of the better actors working today.

His comic timing seems a bit off in places and the confirmed bachelor bit wears thin quickly.

While the movie has some nice moments and occasionally a salient point to make, it torpedoes its own best intentions with infantile humor and poorly executed bits.

The subject deserved better treatment – and a better script with better directorial decisions. WHY RENT THIS: Some of the moments are delightful and funny. WHY RENT SOMETHING ELSE: Sometimes the movie tries too hard to be funny and falls flat.

However, by and large, most of the cast seems to be written to confirm racial stereotypes.

The two want to get married, but the issue is breaking it to their folks – because they want to get married before they both leave for Laos.

Having seen Sam Heughan not just act, but be Jamie, I feel immensely grateful to the production team for their painstaking attention to the soul of the story and characters." star doing an accent: He is Australian. The books' author Diana Gabaldon wrote an entire series for his character, Lord John Grey, and given the popularity of The English-born actress plays Fergus's companion, and the daughter of Claire's one-time nemesis (and Jamie's lover) Laoghaire, played by Nell Hudson, though Lyle and Hudson are just two years apart in age.

Divorced former baseball player Charlie Goodson is now an anger management therapist.

Lucia’s parents – dad Miguel (Mencia) and mom Sonia (Riva) are middle class Mexican-Americans, with dad owning a tow service. The dads instantly butt heads, having met previously in an unpleasant situation (Miguel towed Brad’s Jag) and they continue to constantly one-up each other.

Lucia has neglected to tell them that she’s dropped out of Law School and that she’s dating, let alone dating an African American guy. They recognize that the wedding is inevitable so each tries to impose his stamp on the ceremony, from the music to the cake to the seating arrangements.

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