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Once she was cast in the movie, they started spending a great deal of time together both on and off the set, prompting tabloids to start wondering whether or not there was possibly the element of romance to their friendship.

Once Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga continued to compliment each other in interviews, with Cooper even admitting that he loves Gaga deeply because they were both so vulnerable in the film together.

Although there was a lot of speculation over the years, the pair never got engaged.

Following the breakup news, fans immediately assumed that Lady Gaga was the catalyst for the split – and the bets were on as to when Cooper and Gaga would end up together.

While there’s no telling what could end up happening between the two, for now at least, there is no reason to assume that Cooper and Gaga are dating.

Lady Gaga has reportedly found love again, five months after ending her engagement to Christian Carino.

According to a later interview with Cooper, he saw her perform at a benefit event and was absolutely blown away by the strength and power of her performance and vocals.

In fact, since Gaga herself shut down romance reports, that should be the end of it.They were treated to an incredible performance that featured the co-stars sitting next to each other on the piano as they looked into each other’s eyes – it certainly looked as though they were in love.There was a slew of internet memes featuring Cooper’s girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, watching the couple from the audience and being less than pleased with what she saw.However, in the days following the performance, Lady Gaga spoke out on late-night talk shows, saying that the two were just acting.That should have been the end of it, but recent events have led people to believe that there might be even more to the possible love story.

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