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Personal Existence: Toccara Jones as reported happens to be dating Jason Newsome.She altogether has been around relationships for approximately 3.5 years each with 3 celebrities before dating her current boyfriend.Rumor: Toccara Jones was rumored of reducing her breasts in America’s Next Best Model.She also won the name Covergirl of the Week for approximately five instances at America’s Next Best Model.Toccara is normally a graduate of Stivers College for the Arts where she studied dance and theatre. The model has also been honored with an integral to Middletown town in Ohio.Obtain her Personal Life aswell: Regarding to wiki sites information and information regarding her, currently, she actually is possibly one.

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Regarding her marital status she is not married but she is in relationship.She interviewed in the media that she has until now dated 3 celebrities including her current boy but she didn't disclosed all their names.She has not been biological mother nor she has adopted.Toccara was a participant on the America’s Following Top Model Cycle 3 which aired on UPN from September 22 to December 15 in 2004.She remained a contestant on the truth competition before eight event.

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