Won bin is dating

I pray to God that you get better ASAP and keep fighting.

Kim Woo Bin i miss you new in drama , n i love you kim woo bin , i hope you healty and happy always , i like you acting and you a good actor always, so hope see you new drama again ok kim woo bin we love you from wooribin Waww kim woo bin you show us the diffrent side of your personality at running man episode 240....i so amazed that you can dancing and singging.. I hope you all will be more successfully in the future joaheyo oppa..u're acting is daebak, u're charisma make me more like you..i can't see u..i don't know how to see u.though u have come to my country yesterday but my hometown is far from Jakarta..i don't have enough money to see u..i'll still support u wish u be come a good actor and always kind man to all people...fighting oppa! I just finished watching The Con Artist like 2 minutes ago..was Amazing!!!!!! Wow, you're utterly an amazing actor yet quite young and having such a unique look. I'm really not a KPop or I am not a Kpop-er, but because of his charms, I began to realize that it's not a bad thing to idolize such amazing korean actor :) I'm one of your biggest fan, Woo Bin! I was kinda sad he didn't a girl but who care hes really cute. You are both good looking and excellent actors as well. Everyday i make sure i look at you in youtube and listen to the music of the Heirs.... hwaiting I love u oppa woo bin .,.u look so handsome but sometime u arrogant with your fans .,.i'm really like u .,.maybe someday we will be friend .,.i like u because u look mature with your serious face .,.i hope u will read this ,,.i d'not u can understand or not what I write to u .,.maybe u not understand eng language.,.i hope u reply my message back .,.u can send at my e-mail.,.i will wait..,,saranghae woo bin .,.kamsahamida .,, I had finished watching the 20 episodes of the drama THE HEIRS! I'm recently his fan and would love to see him do a very major role in a romantic,comedy drama where he shouldn't be the pathetic 1 or the antagonist but he should be the charming guy who the girl falls in love with, for his sincerity & strong heart. And hope you get to be the main character that gets the girl and marries her :) Hi...! Until I watch the heirs, with his character, his look with I just so in love with it. honestly my favorite actor was Lee Min Ho, but now I don't know what to do :s does he have any new projects as the leading actor? Please make a romantic drama and pair him with Yoona SNSD or Shin Min Ah or with any pretty korean girl maybe. I ship Yoo Bin couple ( Yoona Woobin ) haha :p To be honest, I don't liked him when I saw him in the early episodes of the heirs however, his acting in this drama made me drawn to his charm. I so much like your smile, and the character that you'd play, suited for you, you like a bad boy but deep inside you have some heart, that will the a girl wants it., Good Luck for you, i wish cah eun sang will not again, reject you! ;p I love kim woo bin in "Heirs" he's got this beautiful character.

yoo in na wasn't ready for a devote relationship with all the "pig's entrails on a washing line" as they say.

on the other hand ji hyun woo pushed her off the bridge so she obviously didn't accept her as well as she should have.

I hope you get back into your acting career cause I miss you so much T-T. Woo bin, I've literally watched every drama that you were in but I paused Uncontrollably Fond when I heard you were sick and the drama had a sad ending. Hope I see you in more dramas -Your *supposed* number one fan jjbutterleg (aka Jasmin Lozano) I love your drama.." Uncontrollably fond ' and this is the best kdrama I ever seen. I really love the way he act he is so cool, cute, and he is so hot, he is one of the best actor that i know in korea. Love you more than anything....you're the best korean actor I've ever also so sexy and cute..you the best...

Some examples of these are White Valentine, II Mare, My Sassy Girl, The Uninvited, Windstruck, Daisy, The Thieves, and The Berlin File.

Your fantastic acting in Uncontrollably Fond, just made me cry... Hello Oppa Kim woo bin, Hope your getting well every single day. I've been wanting and waiting for your grand come back. Waiting for your comebak all the best I might not be a huge fan of you but I admit you're a superstar you have a unique personality through youe works.. I find myself thinking about you and find myself praying a lot for your recovery and future success. just Trust in Him and He will give all your heart desires. I pray for your quick recovery so that you can grace the screens soon. I always pray for you just please don't give up please lord help him please help him through all this oppa please stay strong I will pray this is so sad to hear oh please lord God heal him of this sickness please Won Bin Oppa I know its hard for you but don't worry too much, everything 's gonna be alright.... Plzz be happy this time is tough but you know na your willpower make things easy for you...... Be hero n fight with this like hero I am sad because of the cancer diagnosis. Kim Woo Bin, I love your acting, your look, your singing voice and your real personality, can't wait for your next drama. By the way I am Egyptian and there are too many who loves "Korean dramas" here :) I'm happy to know that u got the main lead in the Uncontrollably Fond seeing u again in the drama is a big opportunity for me,u'r my idol although i cannot see u while u"r here in the philippines i missed that time but i'm happy now co'z u visit here. I didn't really like The Heirs but I finished watching it because of them, wanting to see if they ended up together. oh right~~ when you will be the main actor in a drama? course of the year you have to make an account which is active instagram, so that the fans do not stop miss. I hope they can give him good movie or drama ..he's a total GEM ..a waste if no one will notice this handsome talented guy..from the Philippines Kim Woo Bin also starred in Love Cells... your so manly and very attractive., because of you, you make my day stress-free everytime i watch you sang the song THE FIGHT... i`m still hoping to be one of your lucky fan to get a chance to meet you in person.... anyways yesterday i`ve done commenting here too, but unfortunately the email that i typed was incomplete I just notice it so late that`s why now im making it sure that my email that i would typing here will be sufficient and correct... I wish you more blessings and good health to you and your family and friends.... :) I think that he is not handsome, but he has personal, charisma (his eyes with smiling is so hot and threatening at the same time).

Wish you speedy recovery and prayers to keep you strong and confident... I wish and pray for your full recovery the soonest time possible. Anyway, i am aiza your number 1 fan all the way from phillippines. You only appear in my dreams the whole night, and i so love that. I hope you are doing better and that we hear of your successful return soon. We are waiting for your someback so please...please get well soon. We are all waiting for the good news and please have a positive bright future. Know even in Africa, Kenya you have thumbs up and hands together in prayers. Felt very sad to hear you 're going through this difficult moment. Fighting Oppa and don't forget this African girl here is cheering on you... You have to live long life n this is just step which is checking your willpower so fight with all mighty.... I Love you n i m always by yoyr side be happy You always looks bravo so fight like this... Never regret watching UF, make me cry a lot but love it so much including all songs in OST. love from JKT woww kim Woo bin I felt like you were part of me when I was watching uncontrollably fond , cause every time you were in pain I was crying too, felt like real..... And we will always look forward to your every work. They said in an interview that they would definitely be fine with doing a drama together. It's a mini-series based on a webtoon with Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung (though for a cameo or not I'm unsure cuz I haven't watched it yet) But he's there... I watched Star Date on KBS yesterday, and there was this interview with Won-bin and the other two casts, Lee Hyun Woo and Ko Chang Seok for their movie 'The Con Artists'. He is so mystic, so often first I don't know that he plays good or bad:) His appearance is very special (in a good way) and suitable to play revenger, manly, strong characters.

One of the most selective actors in the Korean entertainment industry, he has starred in only five films to date, Guns & Talks, Taegukgi, My Brother, Mother and The Man from Nowhere.

Won Bin was born and raised in Jeongseon County in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

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